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We are a punk rock band from Gainesville, Florida, USA. We're loud, we're pretty good, been around a while, and we like to play. Need more be said?

Brian Krashpad. Lead and rhythm guitars, lead and background vocals, chief songwriter, founder of the band. He is nicer than he looks.

Mitch Estic. Rhythm and lead guitars, background vocals. Likes to sleep a lot. When not eating a lot.

Joel Schrek. Bass guitar, keyboards, & background vocals. Always just too darn happy. We're going to fix that.

Bruce "Nigel" Barkwill. Drums, percussion, rants, and is the only serious member of the band. He rehearses in his sleep. He also is the 24th and 28th member of the band. He came, he left, he came back. It was something about being a club owner.

You can contact the band through the record label at:

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